Ryan - Performance Coach


Specialist in elite performance & youth development

Ryan is a specialist in elite performance and youth development. He hold a Masters degree in Sport Biomechanics and is the founder of Pyramid Performance & Health in Nottingham. Pyramid Performance & Health is a complete solution for individuals involved in sport and exercise incorporating training, testing and advanced injury rehabilitation.

Ryan and Pyramid Performance & Health challenges the norms of sport and exercise science and physiotherapy. Significant divisions too often exist in athlete and patient care with regards to training, rehabilitation and performance testing. They remove these divisions and provide a simple, holistic solution.

His extensive experience and success working with athletes at IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute in Houston, USA, sewed the seed for Pyramid Performance & Health. Ryan planned and coached innovative strength & conditioning programmes, developed sport-specific biomechanical movement analysis, ran testing protocols for endurance athletes, and built injury rehabilitation models. Pyramid Performance & Health provides all this and more.


  • Strength & conditioning for professional athletes including NFL, NBA, MLS, PGA Tour, IRONMAN

  • Former Performance Specialist at the IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute – Houston, USA

  • Former Sports Science at Leeds United Football Club – England, UK

  • Football/soccer performance consulting


  • Elite endurance athletes

  • Academy football (soccer) players

  • Tennis & badminton players

  • Return to Sport Rehab

  • Post-surgery rehab patients

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