ALTINA is a Coaching and Personal Training Software with a complete set of strength and conditioning tools, for athlete and client management.

As a coach in track and field, our founder struggled for the lack of a good software to plan and log workouts, testresults and to get control over the athletes progression and training load. And as a software engineer she started to design and develop ALTINA. Today ALTINA is used by athletic coaches, personal trainers, single users, athletes/clients and sport schools/teams.

During the development of ALTINA we have been very lucky to get to work with some of Norway's most skilled coaches.



Plan & log

Use our web-client to plan workouts and progression, create workout templates, pinned workouts and customizable training programs.

Planned workouts appears in the app ready to be logged. 



Plan or view actual strength progression for either a single exercise or for multiple exercises. Easy and fast to navigate and to make changes. You can work on several workouts at a time.


Booking (personal trainer)

Let clients book sessions, log workouts and receive digital follow-up



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Athlete or single user?

Coach or personal trainer?