Are you an athlete with a coach ? Or are you just ready to take your training to the next level? 

Plan and log your workouts and manage your progression and training load.


Optimize your Planning

Plan workouts both in the app and web-client. All types of sports and exercises can be planned - not just strength training.
In ALTINA you get access to 1500+ 3D exercises and 50+ FREE workouts.

Search by body part, muscle, exercise or equipment - or create your own, adding pictures and a description.



Log your workouts

Log your workouts to your ALTINA training diary in the app or web-client.

We have 50+ free workouts available, and to help you get started, some of them are available on your app after signing up. 


Manage your Progression

In the progression planner you can both plan and follow your actual progression on strength exercises.

*Not available on Free Athlete license.


Do you have a personal trainer?

Does your personal trainer use ALTINA? Connect to your personal trainer to get training programs, book sessions and communicate. 


Athlete licenses



*55 GBP/Yr - 600 NOK/Yr 


  • 50+ free workout templates
  • 1500+ free exercises
  • Plan and log workouts
  • App and web-client
  • Activity feed, calendar and reports
  • Heart rate sync. (Polar & FitBit)
  • Coach - athlete collaboration
  • Progression planning (ATHLETE+)
  • Create workout templates (ATHLETE+)