Use ALTINA to follow up on your athletes/clients, and to provide feedback and adjustments when needed.



Plan workouts in the app or web-client. All types of sports and exercises can be planned - not just strength training.

Create your own templates for workouts and training programs - the templates can be reused and makes it faster to plan.


The ALTINA workout app

The athletes obtain your planned workouts in the app. They can then log their workout with a comment and information on their shape and injury during their workouts.


Overview of the latest activities

Get overview of the latest activities your athletes have completed and give direct feedback. This can be done both in the app and web-client.



Progression planning (pro-license)

In the progression planner you can plan progression on strength exercises, or to look at the athletes actual progression. 




Booking of sessions (personal trainer)

Use our PT-calendar to get the overview of your appointments and to create, edit or cancel appointments. Give your clients access to your calendar and let them book sessions through the app. 

As a personal trainer you have the same features as a coach: planning, progression planning and digital follow up. If you don't need the booking module - select the coach or coach-pro license.


Want to test ALTINA? We have one month FREE TRIAL - no card registration needed.