Use ALTINA to follow up on your athletes regularly through the training app, provide feedback and adjustments when needed. With ALTINA, you no longer need spreadsheets and e-mails - everything can be done digitally through our app or web client.

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Overview of the latest activities

In ALTINA, you get quick and easy overview of the latest activities your athletes have completed. In addition, you can give direct feedback on your athletes activities.

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Simple planning

In ALTINA there are several levels of planning: simple, favorites and advanced. All types of sports and exercises can be planned - not just strength training.

Create your own templates for workouts and training plans. These can then easily be reused when planning for athletes in the training plan and in the calendar as shown above.


The ALTINA workout app

In the app you can create new athletes, follow your athlete's activity feed, see your athlete's workout calendar, edit and plan workouts and give feedback.

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Progression planning (pro-license)

In the progression planner you can plan progression on strength exercises, as shown in the screen above.

Completed sessions will also appear in the progression planner where you can see actual progression for each athlete. 



Log workout in the app

The athletes obtain your planned workouts in the ALTINA training app. They can then log their workout, as shown above, where they can make comment for the workout along with information on their shape and injury during their workouts.