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ALTINA is a complete training tool made to help professional coaches and personal trainers plan, deliver and monitor workouts or technical exercises of all types, plan progression and get a comprehensive overview of the total training load which allows for easier tracking and monitoring.


In Practice

1. Set Up: Configure the platform by adding clients, creating custom exercises, multi-week loading schemes and preset workouts.

2. Build Workouts: Become a stand out coach by providing exceptional services and maximizing athlete performance.

Open the planning calendar, and build your program by selecting the sessions’ dates, create new or customize workouts

3. Communicate & Log: Be in command as ALTINA provides you a complete overview of your athletes´ training

Your athletes automatically receive the program on their smartphone and start recording workouts

4. Assess: Bring your coaching experience and client results to the next level with every tool you need to evaluate and keep track of your clients so you can predict results.You start tracking progress, monitoring the work done, comparing planned vs. reported load



Optimize planning, communication and get the total overview of the training


Planning: No more spreadsheets or paper required. Build workouts in minutes.

Design a series of workouts towards a specific target, that can be reused and customised – saving you time and increases efficiency. Use our 50+ workout templates and over 2000 exercises to build training templates and workouts in minutes

  • Plan workouts in the app or web-client. All types of sports and exercises can be planned - not just strength training.

  • Build general or strength & conditioning workouts, group training, cardio workouts, interval training, and sports specific workouts.

  • Create workout template to be reused during planning.

  • Customise workouts from workout templates

  • Create unlimited training plans

  • Build Training templates that you can copy from client to client.

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Plan Progression to optimise training plans for each athlete

This feature is designed to help coaches to plan progression and to maximise a athletes´ potential using principles that consider weight, frequency, duration and intensity over a period or an ongoing schedule.

  • You can plan progression and monitor progression, shape and injury of your clients.


Athlete & Team Management with instant access to their training plans, logs and progress

Keep track of your athletes' information including their training plans, logs and progress.

  • Track your athletes´ or teams´ progress, workout activity and notes.

  • Easy collaboration & communication with your athletes


PT Calendar- Online Booking System for easy booking and collaboration

The calendar is more than just a schedule, it’s a collaborative solution that saves time and improves efficiency. Give yourself and your clients the freedom to book and schedule  sessions. A two-way booking and scheduling system.

  • Use the PT-Calendar to add new clients, register bought PT- packages and book sessions.

  • Set your work hours in the web-client for clients to see when you are available for sessions.

  • When the client and PT-package is registered, both you and your client can book sessions – a two way booking system

  • Add clients on the go from any device.

  • Add an unlimited number of clients.

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