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Your New Coaching Software!


✓ Add Unlimited Number of Athletes/Teams

✓ Create Unlimited Training Plans

✓ All Sports supported

✓ Plan, Track and Monitor Progression

✓ 2000 3D Exercises

✓ On Web, iOS and Android Apps

✓ Manage all your daily operations online - it’s easy and secure

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Use code: MS3HKL
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Athlete & Team Management

Keep track of your athletes' information including their schedules, logs and progress.

  • Add athletes on the go from any device.

  • Add an unlimited number of athletes.

  • Track your athletes´ or teams´ progress, workout activity and notes.

  • Easy collaboration & communication with your athletes


Workout Builder

Design a series of workouts towards a specific target, that can be reused and customized – saving you time and increasing efficiency. Use our 50+ workout templates and over 2000 exercises to build training templates and workouts in minutes

  • Create unlimited training plans

  • Build Training templates that you can copy from client to client.

  • You can customise workouts from your templates in the workout builder to deliver personalised workouts to your athletes and teams

  • Build general or strength & conditioning workouts, group training, cardio workouts, interval training, and sports specific workouts.


Progression Planner

This feature is designed to help Personal Trainers maximize a client´s potential using principles that consider weight, frequency, duration and intensity over a period or an ongoing schedule.

  • You can plan progression and monitor progression, shape and injury of your clients.




1800 NOK/189€/£169

Extra features
Strength progression planning and control
Create training program templates

Basic features
App and web-client
Collaboration coach - athlete
Athletes activity feed, calendar and overview
Planning and administration
Group/team calendar and planning
Workout attendance
Workout analysis
Workout App (logging and overview)
Log for your athletes
50+ free workout templates
2000+ free 3D-exercises

Use code: MS3HKL
to get your discount.


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