Coach/Personal Trainer 

ALTINA helps you to optimize your planning and follow-up of your athletes/clients.

Watch the demo below on how to start planning and logging workout.

Planning & logging demo (turn on sound).


Optimize your Planning

Plan workouts in the app or web-client. All types of sports and exercises can be planned - not just strength training.

In ALTINA you get access to 1500+ 3D exercises and 50+ FREE workouts.

Search by body part, muscle, exercise or equipment - or create your own, adding pictures and a description.


The ALTINA workout app

The athletes can see and use your planned workouts in the app. The workouts are logged to their training diary with a comment and information on their shape and injury during their workouts. These logged workouts will then be added to your activity feed, where you can give feedback and communicate with the athlete/client.


Overview of the latest logged workouts

Get overview of the latest activities your athletes have completed and give direct feedback. This can be done both in the app and web-client.



Manage Progression

In the progression planner you can plan progression on strength exercises, and look at the athletes actual progression. 

*Only available for Pro Coach and Personal Trainer License.



Are you a personal trainer? In the PT-calendar you can:
- add new clients and register their packages
- administer appointments
- book, change and delete sessions
- on app & web

*Only available for Personal Trainer License.


Group Planning & Attendance

Plan training sessions for your team or groups, while managing attendance. 

*Available for basic coach, pro coach and PT-license.

 Trainer Licenses


60 EUR/Yr

*55 GBP/Yr-600 NOK/Yr

Basic Features

  • App and web-client
  • Collaboration coach - athlete
  • Athletes activity feed, calendar and overview
  • Planning and administration of workouts
  • Group/team calendar and planning
  • Workout attendance
  • Workout analysis
  • Workout App (logging and overview)
  • Log for your athletes
  • 50+ free workout templates
  • 1500+ free exercises

189 EUR/Yr

*169 GBP/Yr - 1800 NOK/Yr

Basic features


Extra features

  • Strength progression planning and control
  • Create training program templates


30 EUR/Month

*28 GBP/Month - 299 NOK/Month

Basic features


Extra features

  • Book and administer sessions (app & web)
  • Strength progression planning and control
  • Create training program templates



*no card registration needed.