A boxer's feedback to Erick

Erick has really done an amazing job with me since we started together last summer. I have not just become stronger and faster, but also developet a proportionate body composition. The results have also been shown in my boxing - I box in the 69kg class, but look like a 75kgs boxer (something you seldom see). 

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Veronica Hellum Andreassen - personal trainer with a Master in Public Health

Veronica is a highly qualified personal trainer with a bachelor in Public Health and Nutrition, a Master in Public Health and a personal training education from Fitness Institute in Denmark. In addition, she has a course in advanced programming from Performance Gym PT.

Her main focus when training others is creating a program that suits the individual clients’ goals, training level and time, based on science and experience. She has a passion to motivate and getting her clients to achieve the results they dream of. She also says, “Training should be seen as a tool to challenge, develop and create a sense of competence for the individual”.

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Trine AlmenningenComment
Marcel da Cruz - one of the most profiled coaches in Norway

Did you know that one of the most profiled coaches in Norway is born in Brazil and has represented Norway in Bobsleigh?

Marcel da Cruz holds a degree of ‘MSc Exercise Science from California University of PA’, is a Norwegian champion in two sports and is coaching, or has coached, a long list of elite athletes – athletes representing Norway in tennis, track&field and football.

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Kathrine - mathematics teacher with success as Personal Trainer

Kathrine is a successful Personal Trainer. Two years ago Katrine quit her job as a teacher in mathematics to follow her dream to become a Personal Trainer. To quit her job was not an easy decision. But her passion for training, and to help people to live a more active life, helped her to make the dream come true. Now she has her own company called Kvardagstrening (EveryDayTraining). To learn more about Kathrine and her experience with ALTINA

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