A boxer's feedback to Erick


As an athlete, Erick’s training is something you shouldn’t miss. 

As a boxer, it is difficult to stick to the weight class - when you both have be strong, have good endurance and at the same time maintaining your weight. 

Erick has really done an amazing job with me since we started together last summer. I have not just become stronger and faster, but also developed a proportionate body composition. The results have also been shown in my boxing - I box in the 69kg class, but look like a 75kgs boxer (something you seldom see). 

In other words; As long as I'm playing the boxing game, Erick will be my regular 'strength & conditioning' coach.

I recommend everyone to workout with Erick, whether your goal is to lose weight, get stronger or get increase your fitness level.

- Mohammed Asghar

Erick is one of the ALTINA online coaches. Ask for a FREE consultation if you want some more information. Erick is based in Drammen, Norway.