Jeanette - Nordic Champion in Body Fitness (2015), personal trainer og mother of 3

Jeanette Dalseghagen, personal trainer and owner of Basic Fitness (Askøy, Norway)

Jeanette Dalseghagen, personal trainer and owner of Basic Fitness (Askøy, Norway)

In 2013 Jeanette decided to start her own fitness center and to focus on Body Fitness. Today she runs Basic Fitness together with Ingrid Helen Marcussen, and she became Norwegian and Nordic Champion in Body Fitness in 2015!

Basic Fitness is a small Fitness Center. Both Ingrid and Jeanette had long experience within the industry when they decided to start their own center. The idea was to offer basic training (free weights), long opening hours and customers locking themselves in. "We are a small and personal center.", Jeanette says. "We have customers of all ages, from youths to seniors. Since we are a small center, it is important for us as owners to be available for the customers - talk to them and get useful feedback. "

Jeanette has always been exercising - dancing, handball, football and strength training. Her mother did compete in Fitness and Powerlifting, and inspired her in an early age "once I will compete in fitness". After three births and a newly established center, she decided "now the time is in!". In the Spring of 2014 she contacted her coach and they started to work towards competition.

"My goal was to achieve a good result in a competition. I was willing to spend the required time - I did not need to hurry. First I had to lose some weight and increase muscle strength, which took 6 months. Then the work was to keep my weight, eat a lot, increase muscle mass and strength. In the autumn of 2014 we had come so far in our training and the results were very good. Then the goal was set to participate in the Norwegian Fitness Championship the next autumn".

"The time leading up to the competition was easier than expected.", says Jeanette, "The shape was good. I did little of cardio training and ate well. It was not until the last few weeks I noticed that I was tired and lost some strength. I think the reason why it went so easy, was because I used the time needed and had a good basis. ".

" I had to qualify for the Norwegian Championship since I had not competed before. The weekend before the championship I did my first competition. I won the debutant class, the competition class and the overall class - three 1st place in my first competition was exceptional! ", Jeanette continues.

"In the Norwegian Championship, I surprisingly won my class and became third overall. I qualified to the National Team and to the Nordic Championship in Finland. In Finland some weekends later, I won my class and qualified to the World Championship in Budapest – where I became no. 10."

"I have not competed since Budapest. Competitions are very stressful – in 2015 I spent 6 months to again get ready for heavy exercising. I don’t know when to compete again - but my goal is to qualify for the national team and be able to once again participate in either the European or World Championship."

Beside running the center, Jeanette also is a personal trainer. For Jeanette, it is important to see the customers and to do a good job for the customer. In addition to regular strength training she also offers nutritional guidance. " I also do some web coaching using ALTINA. Web coaching is best suited for those already familiar with strength training; knows technique and are self-driven. ALTINA gives us the total overview and the possibility of follow-up in an easy way. The Progression Planning makes it is very easy to compare workouts and see progress over time. The customers do comment on their sessions and highlight how they felt, this makes it possible for me to instantly get the overview and to make adjustments if needed. Previously, I had to wait for the weekly email-repost to make adjustments. And the customers love using the app - now they can log their workout as they go!”.

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