Kathrine - mathematics teacher with success as Personal Trainer

Kathrine in her own studio - 'Kvardagstrening'

Kathrine in her own studio - 'Kvardagstrening'

Two years ago Katrine quit her job as a teacher in mathematics to follow her dream to become a Personal Trainer. To quit her job was not an easy decision. But her passion for training, and to help people to live a more active life, helped her to make the dream come true. Now she has her own company called Kvardagstrening (EveryDayTraining). Her background is not from sports, but she has always lived actively and practiced 'every day training'.

Building your own business takes time. Kathrine therefor works part-time as a personal trainer at Fresh Fitness. In the meantime, Kvardagstrening is built step by step.

Kathrine’s carrier started as a teacher in mathematics, but she couldn’t get the dream of working within training of her mind. While working as a teacher she took an education as a Personal Trainer at AKPT. Now she combines her experience as a teacher and trainer to help her customers to a better and more active life.

«For many training feels like a burden», Kathrine says. «The most important thing is to get people to do something! I want to reach as many as possible, and especially those who can’t get started – I want to help them to a better lifestyle and a more active life», says an enthusiastic Kathrine.

The most important thing for Kathrine is to see her customers, motivate them and to give them good feedback. «I have tried web coaching, but felt it was too impersonal and cumbersome. With ALTINA I can give feedback directly to my customers straight after a workout is finished – for the customer it is very encouraging to get feedback so fast. My experience with ALTINA is very positive. It is very flexible to use, and when you learn how to use the templates you will save a lot of time on planning and following up. ALTINA makes it possible to serve my customers in a different way than before. The customers also love to see their actual work - ‘ohh, did I lift that much?’ is one feedback I often get».

Previously Kathrine often experienced that some customers were unable to implement the agreed training. With ALTINA she feels that there is a stronger commitment to complete the agreed training – they are on the mobile. «When the workouts are in the calendar of the mobile with details as time and what to do, it feels more committing and is easier to implement - ‘At 5 pm Monday you are going to have a strength session…’. Then this time is devoted to training».

Today Kathrine is fully booked and does even have a waiting list. With ALTINA she hopes to get the capacity to help and follow up even more customers to a better and active lifestyle.