Marcel da Cruz - one of the most profiled coaches in Norway

Marcel with one of his customers at Magnat Center. 

Marcel with one of his customers at Magnat Center. 

Marcel da Cruz is one of the most profiled coaches in Norway. His holds a degree of ‘MSc Exercise Science from California University of PA’, is Norwegian champion in two sports and is coaching, or has coached, a long list of elite athletes: Casper Ruud (tennis), Cecilia Brækhus (boxing), Jaysuma Saidy Ndure (track&field), Ezinne Okparaebo (track&field), Nadia Akpana Assa (track&field), Ulrikke Ekerli (tennis), Silje Nordendahl (Snowboard), Kristine Ekrem (track&field) og Jørgen Skjelvik (football, Norway and RBK).

Marcel is born in Brazil, has Norwegian mother and father from Cap Verde, but most of his childhood was spent in Norway. Today he is one of the owners of Magnat Center, where he also is working as a Performance Coach. He is also a popular lecturer.

Magnat Center is located at Skøyen in Oslo and is called ’the peoples top athletic center’. In Norway Magnat Center is quite a unique training center, with a wide spectre of customers; from patients needing help to recover to world class athletes. «In Magnat quality and competence is our main focus. It is very important for us to have good communication with our customers, as well as internal interdisciplinary cooperation. We work on this continuously», Marcel says.

«I played basketball on a high level in Norway, Belgium and USA, and am a Norwegian Champion in two different sports. At College in USA, I played Basketball and did track&field (triple jump and long jump). In Basketball, I became ‘Second Team All Conference’ and in triple jump ‘All New England athlete’. Back in Norway my main goal was track and field (400m). Unfortunately I got a back injury and the season was over for me. Then I was contacted by the Bobsleigh-team in Norway. They needed fast sprinters to the national team and asked me to join – which I did. The results were participation in the world championship, world cup, Norwegian Champion, lot of learning and lots of fun»

Two years ago, ALTINA presented a prototype for you – why did you like to work with us? «It was the idea, the contents and what you wanted to develop. For personal trainers and athlete coaches there is no good training solutions on the marked today. ALTINA also has resources in the team with background as a coach; with understanding of the role as a coach and the needs they have.».

With their competence Magnat and Marcel helps ALTINA in the development of the product, which is not obvious in a busy life. «As a coach, I did understand how ALTINA in the future could be a very useful tool. Instead of buying a standard product to be unsatisfied with, I decided to be a part of the development of a solution covering the needs of a coach»

After being part of the support team of Cecilia Brækhus’s world champion match in Oslo Spektrum, Marcel now has some quiet weeks. On Sunday 12. Mars, he is traveling to Miami to help the Norwegian talent in tennis Casper Ruud in the ATP World Tour tournament. Home in Norway ALTINA works hard with new features, but we do of course anxiously watch and wish them good luck!