Marcela Bianchi, one of our online clients, about online coaching

I saw the Altina App while browsing on another app. I got very interested and intrigued at the same time. I've seen tons of apps like this or with the same purpose. But, Altina seemed clean, easy to use and it had a month free trial. Apps like this usually have a week to try so this was a super bonus for me.  After registering, I noticed the vast different exercise options I could have and the idea of planning my workout was a plus, even though I am the kind of person who don't know what to do in the gym or more specifically, what kind of exercises/workouts! I've never actually followed this kind of app for more than a few days. But after using Altina, I was really impressed and decided to contact the customer service (which by the way, replied to my email right away) to ask some questions about the coaching/personal trainer. 

They put me in contact with a PT called Veronica Andreassen who also sent me an email almost immediately (which was impressive considering she's in Norway, and I am based in Vancouver, Canada) asking myself questions about my goals, fitness level, training history, expectation regarding her work, among other questions. Well, I am about to start my 3rd week of training and I've never been so committed with training as I am right now. Even though, Veronica and I have agreed with only two follow-up sessions, we have already talked way more than that and she always writes feedback after I log my sessions. She is very professional, kind, available to answer any of my questions and did exactly what I kindly asked her to do it: be as specific about my workout as she could be, detailing everything. 

At first, I wasn't quite sure if I should pay for this kind of PT service (as we're in different parts of the world, with different clock time) but now, I couldn't be happier and totally satisfied with the App and specially Veronica. 

I definitely recommend the Altina App and the PT/Coaching services they offer. The only thing I see the app can improve is having the exercise being shown with motions instead of static pictures. Apart from that, 5 Stars, well done!

- Marcela Bianchi

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