Metis Sports High School

John Andreas Husøy and Jan Stankiewicz

John Andreas Husøy and Jan Stankiewicz

Metis is a Sports High School in Bergen, Norway. In four year, they have grown from 50 sport students to 180 sport students in 12 different sports! Read our interview with Jan Stankiewicz, the sport coordinator and goalkeeper legend (handball), and Molde's former midfielder John Andreas Husøy.

It was the former football player in Brann, now deceased, Terje Risa and his wife Agathe Bøe Risa who wanted to offer a better service for athletes focusing on both education and sports. Terje worked for a long time to achieve this, but unfortunately, he never got the opportunity to see the result. Agathe completed the work they both started, and today Metis has 180 sport students, a strong competence in sports, high wellbeing and low apostasy.

«The most important for us is to facilitate for the student so they can combine sports and education. », Metis sport coordinator Jan Stankiewicz says. «I didn’t have the same opportunity and it was difficult to combine sports and school. I myself had to take high school all over again and lost 3 years. It’s very important for me to help our student to avoid this.».

The stability of the teaching staff is very good and they do have a strong training culture. ALTINA is talking to Jan Stankiewicz and John Andreas Husøy. Both have been active in sports from small ages and up to elite level. Jan is a legendary goalkeeper in Handball. He plaid actively until he passed 40 yrs.! He has plaid for different clubs in Norway, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. For Sweden, he has plaid 83 national caps and in 1998 he became European champion.

John a former midfielder, starting his carrier in small Harøya, then went to sports high school in Molde and to play in the Norwegian Premier league. In the cup final in 2005 he scored the crucial goal and became Norwegian champion in football and got the opportunity to play football in the European league. Today he is the head of the football coaches at Metis and coach in the local football club Åsane.

«It is crucial to see the athletes and to help those wanting to achieve something more». John explains that he is using experience from his carrier as a football player, and from previous coaches, to create his own philosophy as a coach.

ALTINA is an effective tool to assure that the athletes total training load is not too heavy. The planning and following up is much easier than before. The attendance features help us to always know where the athletes are, who will come to the workout and who actually did turn up.

«It’s important for us to teach the athletes to write a training diary. They do need to understand the importance of this to develop as an athlete. ALTINA makes it easy – the workouts are on the mobile. If we succeed, we believe more of our athletes will reach a higher level».

Soon a new School term is to start – the number of applicants is very good and the school will be filled with skilled athletes and motivated students.