Veronica Hellum Andreassen - personal trainer with a Master in Public Health

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Veronica is a globetrotter, with a background from Denmark, Norway, USA and Singapore.

She is a highly qualified personal trainer with a bachelor in Public Health and Nutrition, a Master in Public Health and a personal training education from Fitness Institute in Denmark. In addition, she has a course in advanced programming from Performance Gym PT.

When it comes to her own training experience, Veronica 15 years of experience with strength training in addition to years of powerlifting and Crossfit experience.

Her main focus when training others is creating a program that suits the individual clients’ goals, training level and time, based on science and experience. She has a passion to motivate and getting her clients to achieve the results they dream of. She also says, “Training should be seen as a tool to challenge, develop and create a sense of competence for the individual”.

Her Bachelor in Public Nutrition and Health qualifies her to create diet plans for her clients as well, which is a major plus for those of you that want the full package.




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