Data we collect

We use your Personal Information for providing and improving ALTINA. By using ALTINA, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy.


Personal data

While using ALTINA, we ask you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information that can be used to contact or identify you. Personally identifiable information we collect are: email, first name, last name, birth year and country. Optional information is your phone number.

Workout data

You are responsible for what information you add to your planned and logged workouts - information like workout details, comments, heart rate, shape and injuries. 

Who has access to your data?

Single users: If you use ALTINA as a single user, meaning not connected to a personal trainer or coach, no othe user will have access to your data in ALTINA. If you have been connected to a coach in ALTINA, please read the section below.

Athlete/client with a personal trainer/coach:
If you are an athlete and connected to coach(es) in ALTINA, your workout data planned & logged in the period connected will be available for the coach(es) in the training groups you are added to.
   The coach(es) will only have access to the data for the period they were coach in the training group. If a coach was active in a training group at a different period than you - they will not have access to your data. 
   Your coach(es) are responsible for giving other coaches access to training groups. ALTINA is not responsible for the transparency of your data within these training groups.

Personal trainer/coach:
If you as a coach give other coaches access to one of your training groups, they will get access to all athletes, athletes calendars, workout templates, modules and exercises in this training group.
    You, as a coach, are thereby responsible for the transparency of the data within these groups.

ALTINA's secured staff have access to your data. They are not allowed to view, use, copy or export any of the data, except:
1. You ask ALTINA for an export/information of your data
2. Technical issues and bug fixing

Who owns the data?

The data is owned by you. ALTINA is not allowed to use, copy or export any of your data - the exception is if you ask for an export of your data.

Your coach(es)/personal trainer(s) will have access to your workout data for the period of time they had access to your workout data in ALTINA - even if they are not your coach any more.

ALTINA is allowed to use anonymized aggregated data in the future to make big data analyses and statistics.

Payment information

If you are using one of our fee-licenses, ALTINA is using Stripe as a Payment service and do not save any payment card information. 

Heart rate data and synchronization

We will only collect and process heart rate data from sensors you've connected or paired to ALTINA. 

How we use the data:
Heart rate data (max HR, avg. HR and time in zones) are added to a logged workout, if you choose to synchronize HR data from your device.

Remove the access to heart rate data:
If you want to remove the ALTINA access to your heart rate data, you will still be able to plan and log workouts in ALTINA.

Deleting a workout with hearth rate data:
You can delete a workout with heart rate data at any time you wish. If you change your mind afterwards, the support team will not be able to upload the data back into ALTINA.