Meet the Face Behind ALTINA


This year’s theme #balanceforbetter, for International Womens´s day, calls for action to accelerate gender balance. Why? Because gender balance drives the economy and is fundamental for communities to thrive.

Norway is considered to be one of the most gender equal countries in the world, and we take this opportunity to celebrate the face behind ALTINA and her contribution to the gender balanced boardroom.

 Meet, our founder and CEO, Trine Almeningen, data engineer, entrepreneur and sports coach.


What inspired you to create ALTINA, a coaching software?

 As a coach in track and field, I struggled with the lack of a good software to plan and log workouts, test results and get control over the athlete’s progression and training load to prevent injury. And as a software engineer, I started to design and develop ALTINA.

 Today ALTINA is used by athletic coaches, personal trainers, single users, athletes/clients and sport schools/teams.


 How do you think ALTINA can help a coach?

ALTINA is a fast and flexible platform to plan, deliver and monitor workouts or technical exercises of all types for both individual clients or group training.

You can build periodized programs using your own exercises or workouts, custom loading schemes and training objectives. Deliver programs directly on your athletes’ smartphone, and automatically track progress and performance and all metrics that matter.

In short, it helps you to optimize your athletes training workload, prevent injuries and get a complete overview of you athlete´s training.

How do you feel as an entrepreneur and coach, has gender ever been an issue?

I am also a Data Engineer, so my days are quite full.

I think, today there is not a very pronounced difference between men and women In Norway. But yes, I did find that as a woman it is sometimes difficult to be heard or taken seriously, it is subjective to situations and work environments. Fundraising for a woman entrepreneur can feel like a constant uphill battle.

Do you have any advice for others?

If you believe in your vision, idea or product, then just go for it. Trust your skills and follow your dreams. Also, it is very important to nurture and expand your network.