Online coaching


Looking for more flexible and reasonably priced personal trainer? Our online coaches can help, whether your goal is to lose weight, start training, lift heavier, jump higher or run/cycle faster.

Our coaches can help you with:

  • strength & conditioning training
  • endurance training
  • weight loss & diet
  • treating and preventing sports and everyday injuries
  • sport performance
  • training program, motivate you & follow up directly through the ALTINA app
I definitely recommend the ALTINA App and the PT/Coaching services they offer. The only thing I see the app can improve is having the exercise being shown with motions instead of static pictures. Apart from that, 5 Stars, well done!

- Marcela Bianchi

Languages: Norwegian, Danish & English


Our online coaches:

Erik.2 .png

Erick: Personal trainer & performance specialist

Weight reduction, strength training and endurance training in addition to treating and preventing sports and everyday injuries or ailments.

Erick is certified as personal trainer, Performance Specialist, triggerpoint therapist and masseur. He has trained children and seniors to athletes with good results.

Languages: Norwegian & English


Veronica: Personal trainer & nutrionist

Weight reduction, strength training & nutrition.

Veronica hold a Master in public health & has 15 years of experience with strength training in addition to years of powerlifting and Crossfit experience.

Languages: Danish, Norwegian & English


Ryan: Specialist in elite performance & youth development

Strength & conditioning, endurance, football/soccer, sports rehab

Ryan has experience in planning and coaching innovative strength & conditioning programmes, developing sport-specific biomechanical movement analysis, running testing protocols for endurance athletes, and building injury rehabilitation models.

Languages: English

Camilla Sats.JPG

Camilla: Personal trainer & nutrionist

Weight reduction, strength training & nutrition.

I love my job, and I work with clients with different goals everyday. Being able to make a difference for their health makes me extremely happy and motivates me everyday" - Camilla

Languages: Danish, Norwegian & English


Jeanette: Personal trainer & Nordic Champion in Body Fitness (2015)

Weight reduction, strength training & nutrition.


For Jeanette, it is important to see the customers and to do a good job for the customer. In addition to regular strength training she also offers nutritional guidance

Languages: Norwegian & English


Prices? The prices and plans are customized based on your budget & goals.

How does it work?

- initial consultation by email or Skype - FREE
- the coach makes a program based on your budget & goals
- you get the program in the ALTINA-app, and start training!
- the coach is with you all the way - giving you feedback and follow up

See our coach profiles below.

Languages: Norwegian, Danish & English