Online coaching


Did you know that ALTINA offers online coaching?

Many of our users have asked for online coaching - and now it's available! Our online coaches are coach pro or personal trainer users, who have applied to become an ALTINA online coach. 

What do you get?

  • your own online personal trainer
  • customized training program directly in the ALTINA app
  • continuous follow-up through the app

You can buy single workouts, training programs and training program with online coaching.

Standard prices:

  • Customized 5 weeks training program without online coach: 90 EUR*
  • Customized 5 weeks training program with online coach: 190 EUR*
  • Customized single workout: 15 EUR

* The prices include a full training program (3-7 workouts a week with planned progression). Contact us for more information.

Online client Marcela Bianchi:

I definitely recommend the Altina App and the PT/Coaching services they offer. The only thing I see the app can improve is having the exercise being shown with motions instead of static pictures. Apart from that, 5 Stars, well done!

- Marcela Bianchi

Read more about Marcela and her experience with ALTINA.

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