How to plan for an Athlete/Client?

The easiest way to create a program is to create a set of workout templates under 'Basic' and 'Workouts'. If you have different types of athletes/clients and workout templates, you can create groups for each of these so that you can group the workout templates and your athletes/clients.

You then have different choices depending on how detailed you want to plan.

Option 1 (easiest):
Create favorite sessions for the customers. Go to 'My athletes', select customer and then 'Favorites'. On the left side is a list of finished templates. Choose sessions you want the customer to have. These will then always appear in the app as 'Pinned workouts'. If you click on the session in the list on the right side, you can change the content - remove exercises, add exercises, change the load, etc.

Option 2:
Schedule directly to the client's calendar. Click on date and choose either to create a new workout or existing workout. The client's favorite workouts are displayed if you select 'user workouts'. Click on planned session in the calendar to make adjustments, or go into 'Progression Planning' in order to easily adjust progression for strength training.

You can save a workout as you had or change workout in the calendar. To do this, click on 'Add to workout list', after you've created a workout the session will appear in the list of existing workouts and can be reused.

Option 3:
You can create finished programs for x-number of weeks. Fx. you can create standard programs that you want to provide for different groups of athletes/clients. When you get a new athlete/client, simply enter 'Training program', select program and then 'assign to'. Choose your client/athlete and the date from which you want the program to apply and click 'Generate.' The workouts will then be displayed in the client's calendar. Enter the calendar or in progression planning to make adjustments.

You can generate multiple training programs for the same customer, for example if you want to split different types of training in different programs.

Others options:
You can also plan at group level. Then everyone in the training group on the sessions will be scheduled at the group level. Fx. favorite workouts in a group, or if you plan in the calendar of a group. When you add a new customer to a group, they will automatically receive favorite sessions or calendar sessions scheduled for a group.

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