Planning vs logging

What is the difference between planning and logging a workout?

Planning a workout schedules a workout for a certain date & time. Logging a workout saves the workout as completed and is added to the training diary.

1. The coach or athlete plan workouts in the web-client/app.
2. The athletes get the workouts available both in the app and web-client.
3. If you can't see the planned workouts, drag the screen down and the calendar is updated

When completing a workout, the athletes/clients log the workout to add it to the training diary/activity feed.

1. Click LOG on the workout.
2. Check off the exercises as their are done. You can make changes to the exercises by clicking on them. Add/remove/edit sets.
3. Click NEXT to save the workout with a comment and injury and shape status.
4. Finally click SAVE, and the workout is added to the training diary/activity feed.

If you are a coach, you can also log for your client during your session.