Account Setting & Management

The athlete does not show up on my list or has not received the invitation yet?

If your athlete has not received the invitation or does not show up on your list, please cross- check the email for the said athlete in invites and requests and correct it if wrong, and the invitation will be sent again.

Do my clients have to pay?

No. Athlete Basic is free for all.

How can I access my data?

You can access your data using our mobile app (iOS and Android) or the web application.  Access the web-application for better planning functionality.

How many athletes and clients can I have in the system?

Unlimited. Our simple subscription plan allows you to have as many athletes and groups as you will.

As an Athlete, do I need different accounts for different coaches?


Who can see my Data?

Only your coach or personal trainer.

What devices are currently supported?

We support iOS and Android smartphones, Fitbit and Polar sports watches.  Stay tuned as we continue to grow.

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