Michael Groen- C.E.L Strength & Conditioning Coach


Michael have a passion for sports and exercise. In the past he has practiced many different sports and as a result laid down a broad exercise base. After high school he finished Sport and exercise as a personal trainer / coach. After that he went into work life including personal training and management.

"I use the software to plan strength training for team sports, where the individual is key. Most have the same exercises but all on their own level of strength. I plan it so they can train wherever they want with the app, since they can't always come to training where I am.

In addition, I use it to make programs for people that are training in gyms, where I program specifically for their goals. That way, when they go to the gym they know what to do.

I like that people can use the app and see what is on the program and change it if it was too heavy or too easy'''

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