Plan Crossfit Workouts in ALTINA

Tip: Do your planning in the web-client. This gives you a much better overview and more advanced planning possibilities.

ALTINA´s flexible set-up makes it possible to plan a wide array of workouts.

If you´re into functional fitness and want to set up an AMRAP, here´s a couple of ways to go about it.

Planning an AMRAP

So let´s say you want set up the following AMRAP:

18 minute AMRAP
100 m run
10 squats
10 push ups
10 mountain climbers
200 m run
20 squats
20 push ups
20 mountain climbers


  1. Create a new workout - in Planning then Workouts (web-client).

  2. Add all the exercises you want to include in your workout.

    To make it easier for yourself, add the exercises in the order you want to use them.


3. Add in the reps and distances.


As of now, your athletes can only see the description for the workout in the web-client. (However, this will be available with the next app update). Until the next update, write you the description for the AMRAP in the description for the first exercise, as I have done in the above screenshot. 


When logging completed rounds and reps, either (1) log the amount of rounds completed of each exercise, or (2) simply write it in the comment section before they click save as shown below, or both.

(1) Log rounds and reps for each exercise.

(1) Log rounds and reps for each exercise.

(2) Log rounds and rep as workout comment.

(2) Log rounds and rep as workout comment.


AFAP workouts

For workouts to be completed as fast as possible (AFAP), simply set up the exercises and reps to complete, and again, write the necessary description for the workout under the description for the first exercise.

When logging the workout, log the time it took in the duration box. Seconds will be added to this box in the next update. Until that is implemented, write the time in the comment section before clicking "SAVE".


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