Plan bookable group sessions

Whether it´s open air yoga, a crossfit class, football practice, or a local running group - ALTINA can be used for any sport anywhere. You can now set up group sessions (Coach Pro and PT subscription), and let your group members book themselves onto sessions.


Personal trainers:
Plan a workout in the group calendar, and specify the amount of maximum participants.

Simply plan the workout in the group you want it available for, and your athletes can start booking.


Make sure you are connected to the group of your preferred trainer. Once the trainer has planned a group session, the session will be visible in your calendar.

Book groups sessions directly in the app, and see how many spots are available.


Plan a group session

The easiest way to plan for multiple groups of athletes/clients, is to plan through the Athlete calendar.

• Go to Calendars and Athletes, and select yourself from the drop-down menu.

• Click on the day you want to plan for.

• Either select an existing workout, or create a workout.

• Select the group you want to plan for, and define the location, time, description, and number of available spots.

• Click Create.

The session booking is now available for members of the specified group.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 10.45.51.png

Book a spot on a class

Once a personal trainer has set up a session in a group, it will appear in the calendar for all members of the group - both on app & web.

To book a spot, click the check mark.

The number of spots left is shown in parentheses.

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