ALTINA for Sport School and teams

ALTINA is developed due to lack of solutions in the market for the planning and follow-up of athletes, and especially communication between different coaches and training groups. In ALTINA, all coaches who are associated with an athlete will see all this athlete performs of exercise and what is planned. In this way, it is easy to get a total overview and prevent the total training load from getting too high. The athletes log their sessions with information about form and injury, and you can easily catch up if someone starts to struggle.

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Planning can be done on several levels and you choose how detailed you want to plan. In the simplest form, you create 'Favorite Sessions' to a group and then all the athletes in this group will always see these sessions in the app. You can make your own templates - both workout templates and periode plans. 

Above is the group calendar showing planning of attendance sessions. These sessions will all practitioners in the training group get in their calendar in the app and on the web client. Read more about the opportunities for coaches here.

Altina 20170402.001.png

Sign up for attendance

The athletes will see scheduled sessions in the app and report attendance on the sessions that require this. 

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Actual attendance

In the app, the coach gets an overview of the athletes who will attend the workout, give feedback and report actual attendance. In addition, you may evaluate the athlete. 

Metis toppidrett has helped us during the development of ALTINA for Sport Schools.